Day 75 Mar 19 (sea day)

Lido breakfast, Tai Chi (I videotaped the 18 move routine today for reference. Richard, our instructor, promises we'll get enough practice that we will remember it by the time we are done but just in case....)

Vantage lecture at 10 was on the History of Egypt. Then, at 11 we had another new speaker. This guy is quite a piece of work. He was raised in Egypt but lives in Canada and has been a diplomat (I think for Canada). His name is Hassan M. Eltaher. His talk was about Islam, Judaism and Christianity. His explanation of the origination of Islam and how the three religions are related and how they are different was pretty interesting and has a good sense of humor.

Finally! We won at trivia today after a long drought. The prize was, get excited here..., Holland America Luggage Tags! Oh well. I'm sure they will come in handy. We play for the fun, not the prize right? We did pretty well. We got 16 right and the next team only got 13. We won't talk about the lucky guesses we made. It's better to be lucky than good right?

One of our tablemates, Claire, has a roommate who has been quarantined. I found out at lunch. Claire feels fine but Jean, the roommate, has had several symptoms. These cruise ships take everything seriously. I suppose that is understandable (and desirable) in view of the serious illnesses they have had in recent years. Jean is the second quarantined person I know. There have also been a couple of deaths on board. Nothing newsworthy. Just the probabilities on a cruise with an average passenger age of 70 or above.

Spent the afternoon working on this blog and on some other computer stuff. Also went to the tour desk and signed up for a tour in Salalah, Oman (tomorrow's port).

The show after dinner was the new crew of singers and dancers. They are pretty good. Not sure yet if they are better than the last group but they put on a good show.

Sent emails to you guys with the pics this evening and used up my email minutes. I signed up for 500 more. Hopefully that will get me to Ft. Lauderdale.

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