Day 78 Mar 22 (sea day)

At breakfast I had a slight disaster. I had breakfast on my tray and was offered a newspaper (not sure if I've mentioned these. NY Times short version - 8 pages 8.5 x 11"). I reached for one but was offered a more completely creased one (they fold over double size sheets to make the final size and the one I reached for was not properly creased yet). As I switched focus to the offered one the tray which I had balanced on a nearby ledge to free a hand for the paper ... well, let's just say that I didn't drop the tray but when the tray tried to slip off the ledge the glass of juice tipped over. Juice spilled on the tray and a fair amount of it went overboard to the floor. One of the nearby crew came to may aid immediately but it was obvious that he felt I needed more help than just replacing the juice. He insisted on carrying my tray. I tried to tell him I really didn't need his help but he was insistent. I thought about being more assertive but decided that it would be easier to just let him do it. It is a pretty common sight to see people having their trays carried. But I don't need the help right? I'm the kid on this cruise. Well, as I said, I decided that since I had spilled he had a right to think I needed help too. So after trying to assure him I wouldn't spill again I gave in and let him carry it.... until he asked me where I was going to sit. I told him I didn't know yet because I was (as is my usual habit) going to look for friends. There were none in immediate sight and a lot of dining room to wander through and he looked a little doubtful. I decided to try once more to get my tray back. Apparently I was convincing because he gave me the tray. He, like all our crew, is so well trained that he didn't even give me the look. You know the one. Your fathers used to gave it to you when they were going to give you a second chance but they weren't sure you were up to the task. I'm proud to say I managed to get to my seat without further incident.

Tai Chi was interesting. They were setting the room up for a party later in the day and had already put wine glasses on the tables. We worked around it. Seems as though the people living in Suites were having a complementary cocktail party later that day. They periodically encourage us to sign up for more cruises so I figure they are going to ply the rich people with booze and then do the same. I guess they know better than to waste money trying that on the rest of us. I have been surprised at how many people on the cruise don't have pots of money laying around.

Our Vantage Group Lecture was on The Great War (WWI). It was the first of a multi-lecture series by Chris. History is much more interesting when you are visiting places where it occurred. Perhaps we should send all our school kids on a world cruise before making them sit in classes to learn. Hmmm.

We got killed in Trivia today. I don't want to talk about it.

I seem to be spending more time in my room organizing things. Most of the work is on my computer but I also need to start getting things organized for my trip home. We have a little over a month left. It has gone by fast. Around noon today I checked the navigation info and we have gone over 25,000 miles since leaving Ft. Lauderdale. Amazing!

I ran in the afternoon. I'm trying to stay in shape Sergio!

The show at 8 PM was a young magician named Paul Dabek. He was very good.
Back in my cabin I watched "Keeping Up with the Steins" and also the video I had taken of Oman. We gain an hour tonight so I figured I could stay up late. I'm gonna miss these 25 hour days!

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