Day 87 Mar 31 (sea-day)

This needs to be quick. I have to get to bed. Today was pretty normal. We did Tai Chi. There was a neat talk at the Vantage group meeting. We have a guy who traveled around the world on his own power. He swam from Russia to Alaska (actually a distance of about 2.5 miles between two islands up in the Bering Strait). He ran marathons across Siberia on consecutive days until they crossed it one summer (he had about 11 fellow runners who did it with him). He sailed from the Carribean to the Mediterranean and bicycled from Alaska to New York. Pretty cool. He did this over a ten year period of time. He is writing a book. I might have to get it. His name is Joe Oakes. He is of course a tri-athlete.

The 11 time slot was a special presentation by Stein Kruse. He recognized a number of ship crewmembers for years of service. The room was packed to overflowing and the applause level backs up my opinion of how great the crew is.

We lost by 2 at trivia. Too sad. We're breaking in two new teammembers. Harry and Misa left us in Istanbul. Daphne (one of my tablemates) has joined us as has Lloyd a guy in our Vantage group who seems to know everything.

I spent much of the afternoon working on this latest blog edition. Went to the cocktail party a bit late and there was no room in the lower level of the Queen's lounge. I went upstairs and had a glass of champagne and a munchie (I don't know how to spell hors d'oeuvres). The I got tired of just watching the people below dancing and talking so I returned to my blog and got ready for dinner.

I have spent the evening finishing this up. Tomorrow is April Fool's Day. Don't be fooled! Cheers

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