Day 14 (Jan 17 - Sea Day)

Tai Chi again. Today she tried to walk us into the furniture! She decided to teach us a "form" which required a series of steps which moved us slowly forward. This worked fine for her on the stage but we're in an auditorium of sorts with furniture covering much of the floor. Chairs and tables which are lovely when watching a stage show but not easily penetrated when you try to emulate this form. Unfortunately she had her back turned so we could mimic her moves more easily. I would have stayed after class (scary words from my school days) and clued her in but I had to get on to another activity. I hope someone lets her know. I'd hate to have her do it again tomorrow.

My next activity was the Vantage meeting. Today was the first half of the build-up to the American Revolution as seen by a Brit (Chris is from London). Interesting. He does have a great sense of humor.

Went by the computer geek (Phillipe) after that. He had left a message on my phone in response, no doubt, to the unkind note I had handed the front desk. They had asked to know if anything wasn't to our satisfaction. Well, the poor internet service was the top of my list and there were no other things on the list for me so.... I'm impressed that they responded so quickly. Phillipe told me what times were more likely to have more bandwith and suggested reducing the resolution/size of my photos and only trying to upload a maximum of 3 at one time. I'll give it a try.

Incidentally, I did manage to upload one pic yesterday to the gallery. It is a route map of my journey. Also, in case anyone wants to look back at earlier emails I have sent on this trip (not that I can imagine why), my son, Harry IV, has set up a blog site with the emails in one place. The URL is

Hope that is helpful. Thanks son!

Less than 500 miles to go to port! Yippee! We're gonna get off the ship. Setting back the clocks again tonight. 7º 06.43' S and 132º 19.35' W

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