Day 17 Jan 20 (Sea Day)

Had to get up reasonably early today (breakfast in room). I signed up for "On Deck for the Cure", the HAL (Holland American Lines) adjunct to the Susan B. Komen "Walk for the Cure". We will be having a number of events on the cruise to raise money for the cause. It is a good cause and for a $15 (or more) donation you get to walk (if you're able and wish to) and also get a T-shirt and a pink wrist band. We walked 5 kilometers (3 miles to you non-metric literate types). That turns out to be about 9 laps on the Promenade deck. They played music and had people encouraging and stuff. Those of us who kept up a reasonable pace made it in 45 minutes or so. Then we got pink lemonade in pink glasses we were given to keep.

At 10 the Vantage group met in the Crow's Nest to discuss the "special relationship" which has existed between Brittain and the US for many years. Interesting topic. The Brit (our fearless leader) suggested that the Brits were at a point where looking like they were US lackeys might be a source of considerable trouble and we might be seeing an end to the type of relationship we've had for so long.

We had our final Astronomy program with Eric Dunn. This guy is just great. Everyone loves him. He got a standing ovation at the end of the program!!! When was the last time you saw that happen at an Astronomy lecture?? The topic was the history of Astronomy.

Had Polynesian Tea at 3:15 PM. Pretty much as far as I can tell, that is like English high tea with some extra decorations and some Polynesian dance lessons thrown in. They came around with hot water and boxes of tea (herbal too) bags. Lots of glucky goodies too. I should have passed on the lovely goodies because we eat at 5:45 PM. I ate just one. The late seating isn't until 8 PM so they probably need a mid-afternoon snack. Sat with a couple from Belgium and another couple from Florida. Quite a few Floridians and also Van Couverites onboard.

I went back to my cabin after tea and turned on the tv. Watched Ratatouie. Cute.

The evening show was Comedian/Magician, etc. Mark Raymond again along with the banjo guy. The banjo guy even had Mark come out and play the spoons on one number. Interesting but I"m not sure I'd pay real money to watch that show again.

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