Day 2: (Jan 5 - Sea Day)

Slept well. It is like being rocked to sleep or maybe being back in the womb??? (sorry but the thought did cross my mind) No sea sickness here.

Went to a tour briefing about upcoming ports and also a meeting of the 120 or so of the passengers who were using my travel agency (Vantage Deluxe World Travel). There are 1248 passengers onboard of which 1120 are taking the entire 115 day cruise!

There is a daily bulletin which has a schedule of the day's available onboard activities as well as info about something upcoming. This one included notice that Regis Philbin would be entertaining that evening. He was genuinely entertaining despite a weak voice. (His act is basically singing/comedy) His wife, Joy, also joined him onstage and they sang several songs together. What they lack in talent they make up for with showmanship and genuineness. It was fun.

I found dinner this day. Met several tablemates and enjoyed.

The food on this trip promises to be excellent. I will be trying many things but in case I get tired of new culinary experiences I can always fall back on some old favorites which are also on the menu. These people seem to understand that not everyone is into haute cuisine (sp?).

After the show (about an hour and a quarter) I returned to my room to do final prep of my SCUBA gear for the next day.

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