Day 22 Jan 25 (Sea Day)

Breakfast in room. Blueberry pancakes, etc. Not too bad.

Cashed a trevelers check. They still have their uses. The ship will cash them at no charge. Using an ATM always means a service charge. Of course, you can get the local currency at the ATM and that is useful many times.

Tai Chi at 9, Vantage at 10 - what is Slavery?

OMG! I just noticed I'm peeling. Got too much sun the day we snorkeled. So far it is just a small patch on the upper part of my right arm. No ref tan there and I was dumb about sunscreen that day. Had it on my head but nowhere else. My ankles will probably peel next. (You know, the part below the sock line.) Had we been able to SCUBA that day I would have been covered by my wet suit.

Anyway, I'll survive. At 11 AM we had a talk from a guy named David Abbott. He is apparently a well known radio/tv host. Knew many celebrities including Marlin Brando. He prattled on for most of an hour and some loved him but I found him a bit boring. Perhaps his stories will be more interesting next time. If not I may choose to not attend anymore. That's the lecture equivalent to the ON/OFF switch on the TV I think.

After lunch the sociologist gave another lecture. He mentioned that some told him he spoke too fast the last time. He did a little better. We'll see about him.

Had time for a nap before dinner. Hmmm. Still a bit tired. Have a port/SCUBA dive tomorrow.

The show was a combination of our own singers/dancers and then a couple who are pretty accomplished ballroom dancers. It wasn't too bad but I was not disappointed when it ended in less than an hour.

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