Day 26 Jan 30 (Sea Day)

Not much to tell today. Breakfast on Lido. Tai Chi. Port Talk about Wellington (our second New Zealand port). Went to a talk about Fabric Art, etc. The presenter is the wife of the camera lecturer (her name is Ana Smith). It was interesting. Then we had a cocktail party hosted by Vantage. That's right, before lunch! Our host, Chris was not a happy camper. He tried to get them to do it later in the day. As we began he asked us to drink a lot to make the company pay! As I said, not a happy camper.

Went to an afternoon lecture by the social antrhopoligist. Left early. His fast talking is under control. The trouble is his talks are all over the place without much logical thread to guide the listener. Too bad. He has a lot of knowledge but doesn't know how to share it effectively. Perhaps if we hadn't had such good lecturers early he wouldn't seem so bad.

The evening show was a young violinist named Greg Scott. He is pretty good. He got a standing O.

Took a Cold-eeze before bed. I'm coming down with a cold. Not much to do tomorrow so I'll take it easy and hope to get through the worst of it quickly. Anita caused this I'm sure. The other day she said at dinner that I was the only one at our table who hadn't had the cold going around. Fast air breather for SCUBA, slow to catch a cold. Definitely abnormal but you knew that already. Cheers!

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