On Day 9 (Jan 12)

I had breakfast on the Lido deck again (aren't you proud of me? two days in a row I got up for breakfast instead of having room service!) We had a Venture Group talk (this was a lecture about the history of the British Empire up to the point where the Vikings arrived). After lunch I went to a solo/single traveler meeting and then worked out (I think the weight/machine room in the fitness center has one of the best ocean views on the ship!). I had to ask the cute blond to show me how to work some of the machines. Too bad she is so young.... It was fun watching her demonstrate the machines I didn't know how to use. Maybe I'll forget and need her to show me again from time to time. Hmmm. After dinner I went to the show. A comedian named Dich Hardwich (I think). He was pretty funny.

The clocks had to be set back another hour which puts me back in the Mountain Time zone. All this traveling and I'm back where I started! Oh, chocolate and gift on the pillow tonight. The gift was a dual time travel alarm from Sharper Image. I'm hoping by the end of the cruise they give us cars or something! Gotta love it!

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