Day 54 Feb 27 (Sea Day)

Had to have our temperature taken for Hong Kong today. All of us! Between 8 and 9 AM! You gotta love this. Well, I guess if it keeps SARS from spreading it is worth it but it sure seemed a bit peculiar. We had our temp taken transcutaneously (is that a word? My spell check doesn't recognize it. Hmmm.) as we walked into the room. It took all of about 3 seconds. It took longer to write down the result.

Our last tai chi class today with Lian Sae. She never quite got it together for most of us. A new instructor boards in Hong Kong. Hopefully a better one. Barbara gave her first Vietnam talk at 10. We have three ports and she covered the first two today, Halong Harbor and Da Nang. Then at 11 Aileen Bridgewater and her husband talked about their home in Hong Kong and stuff. Interesting but not too helpful for our travels.

Trivia at 11:45 AM. We won again! Yea! the prize was some nice cards with envelopes in a small cigar box type of box. This is becoming fun and paying off. Hope it continues.

At 2 Mike Millwod talked about China and Hong Kong.

Went to the movie after dinner. Astronaut Farmer of something like that with Billy Bob Thornton in it. Not bad.

Preparation for Hong Kong (we are there two days) before bed. I have an eight hour tour tomorrow.

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