Day 60 Mar 4 (Sea Day)

I seem to be trying to get another cold. These ships are lovely contagious disease wards. I'm taking zinc in case. Not feeling bad, just being careful. I'll get to bed early tonight and hopefully the rest and zinc will take care of whatever it is. I suppose the cruise companies don't want to hear it but I think someone should set up a research project onboard.

So, what has happened today? Not too much. Tai Chi was good again. Worked on first three and then second three moves. Vantage continued the lecture about India and British rule. Not quite finished but almost. Seems the Brits tried to convert a society which really didn't need or want to be converted. Badly managed to the point of mutiny or rebellion. Hard to imagine how they blundered so badly but I guess you had to be there to see it through their eyes.

At 11 AM Kate Rose presented a lecture on Cambodia and Angkor Wat. Lots of slides. We have quite a few people leaving tomorrow to fly there and they will meet up with us in Singapore. At 11:45 it was Trivia again. Today's topic was Murder on the Orient Express or in other words famous murders real and fictional. We did very badly. I'm not sure that is a bad thing but we only got 4/21 points and the winners got 11. After lunch I spent time on this blog as well as taking care of a few chores. I also walked for a half hour before dinner. Wore one of my new ties to Formal Dinner. It was the weird one I got in Hong Kong with airplanes and the map of the world on it. I thought it was a gag tie but it actually didn't look bad with my suit and white shirt. A little colorful but much of the bright colored parts were hidden. Looks like I messed up in reverse. Thought I was buying a gag tie and it seems it may actually be more wearable than I thought. Go figure!

That's about it. I need to pick out a few pictures to attach to this and then send it off. It is almost 8:30 PM here so I'll be able to get a good night's sleep and still get up in time for breakfast and an 8:30 AM bus.

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