Day 67 Mar 11 (sea day)

OK, I'm looking at my watch which tells me it is 10:50 PM Tuesday. The clock at the top of my computer (El Paso - MST) says it is 11:20 AM Tuesday. Honest. I had no idea any time zone was a half hour ahead or behind any other one. Travel is educational. I can't wait for this to come up in a trivia game someday! That reminds me, I knew an answer nobody else knew today at lunchtime trivia. The question was, "What is zoonosis?" Probably 20 years ago I sat in an afternoon in-service meeting for science teachers at my school and the topic was, you guessed it, zoonosis. Nobody knows this word! Well, almost nobody. (For those of you without the necessary research resources, the word means "diseases which can be transmitted from animals to people". Now you know.) When I was a working teacher a theme I would share with my students regularly was to always pay attention even when they thought there was no way the information being learned would ever be useful. You just never know. Sadly, we still lost the trivia game.

Not much else of importance today. Tai Chi, Vantage- finished the middle east trough WWII. Rose lectured on India. Barbara did Mumbai (Bombay).
That's about it and if the internet god is kind I'll send this shortly. We are in Chennai tomorrow morning and I have an excursion so I need to get to bed.

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