Day 102 April 15th (sea day)

Wow! Income tax day. I have completely forgotten about that little chore. The IRS will love me when I return I'm sure.

Today was fairly normal. The usual in the morning. Vantage was Part IV of Russian History. We lost at trivia by 2 or 3. In the afternoon I ran and did other routine chores.

The show after dinner was an awesome singer. She is the first one I've heard do justice to a Whitney Houston (Dolly Partin) song - I Will Always Love You (the theme to the movie The Bodyguard)

After the show I was still energetic and decided I would go listen to Buddy in the piano bar. As I approached it I heard my name called. It was Ron and Sheila - trivia teammates - and there was Mystery Music Trivia. I didn't know but I was up for it. It turned out to be Sheila's birthday so we won. Well, as I told you in a separate email the other day, we tied but after four tiebreakers left the tie unbroken we were declared co-winners. Yea! HAL coffee mugs.

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