Day 81 Mar 25 (sea day)

Thank God for sea days! Although I actually woke up around 8 and had time to breakfast on Lido before 9 AM Tai Chi.

Vantage was another lecture about WWI and the attitudes of countries afterward. This would lead to WWII in reasonably short time and understanding why might help prevent WWIII hopefully.

Shreeyash Palshikar gave a lecture at 11 about Hindu dieties. They truly do have millions of gods. Pretty much anything alive can be a deity. This seems to be why Hindus can accept pretty much any faith into their countries. They just view the other religion's deity(ies) as a slight increase in the pantheon.

We lost at trivia again. There are perhaps 10 teams playing so I guess I shouldn't think of coming in 2nd or 3rd as losing.... Hmmm.

At 2 PM Hassan Eltaher talked about the new Alexandria Library. It was stuff only a librarian could love but it was mildly interesting. The original library was burned a long long time ago but it was an amazing place and I think I have mentioned that if the Egyptians hadn't helped maintain it, much knowledge from the Greeks and Romans might have been lost. Just imagine a world without geometry and some of that other stuff.

The show tonight was Black Tie again. They may have been better than the first time. Well, the cellist was having a few problems but everyone else did well.

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