Day 90 April 3 (sea-day with passage back to the Adriatic sea)

I'm writing this on a sea day when we travelled back through the Bosphorus, Sea of Marmara and the Dardenelles. Took some pics of Istanbul as we passed. A lot of history here. We lost by one today at Trivia. Barbara talked as we sailed the 19 miles of the Bosphorus and as we passed through the Dardenelles. That is where Galapolli is. Several monuments to the dead. The allies tried to take this spot for almost three years and finally withdrew! The Turks deserve their reputation as fierce fighters. Singers and dancers put on a great show tonight. The costumes were Broadway quality. Great!

Gotta get some rest before Santorini, Greece maƱana. Going to climb a volcano and soak in a hot spring. Tough life....

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