Day 98 April 11 (sea day)

The usual today. Tai Chi, Vantage - Russia part II, A Lecture on famous Romans with photos. OK, they didn't have cameras then but our lecturer had slides of old coins, statues, etc. and he tried to bring this rogues gallery to life. He almost succeeded. The idea was interesting.

I don't really remember what I did in the afternoon. Probably took a nap or something. I didn't write down anything in my journal except the show at 8 PM. Sorry. I guess it was bound to happen. Lost at sea.... Anyone seen the Flying Dutchman? No, just my brain drifting aimlessly about.

The show was our singers and dancers with songs from the days of the Rat Pack. If you have to ask you wouldn't know the music anyway. (Apologies to Scott and Bunk. You would have recognized much of it.) It was a good show. The money spent on costumes continues to amaze me!

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