Day 113 April 26 (sea day)

After breakfast and Tai Chi I finally got the email to go through. Despite getting 20 of 24 points in Trivia we finished 2nd. I thought we had done very well but the winners got 23 points so our last trivia of the cruise was fun but we went away empty handed. It was a lot of fun. Learned some useless facts and made some friends. They say that games like that help keep the brain cells functioning. Between that and crossword puzzles I think I'm covered but time will tell.

After lunch I put the final touches on packing. Locked the trunk and put it and three of my five suitcases (all but my carry-ons) out in the hall for pick-up. They take them down somewhere and in the morning they will put them in the outprocessing building where we will get them and clear customs. After dinner I went to see the movie, "27 Dresses". There was no live show this last night. I guess the guy who missed the boat earlier so we got the banjo player instead never caught up with us.

Spent an hour or two after the movie chatting and sharing farewell drinks with Ron and Susan.

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