Day 3 (Jan 6 completion)

Nothing much else happened today after my last email. We do keep receiving little gifts from the cruise line. A tote bag, a little leather wallet big enough to hold a little cash and a credit card, the ship ID card/room key card, and a short pen (included). Even got a nice planner the other day which I could have used to keep a journal except I already have one given to me before leaving El Paso. The gifts just show up in the evening. My cabin attendant, Andreas, puts them on the bed when he turns down the covers in the evening and leaves a mint or chocolate or something. Yeah, I know it is a tough life but someone has to do it right?

An interesting thing that happens as you circumnavigate the globe is that you have to keep changing time zones. We will lose a day when we cross the International Date Line in the Pacific but we will gain 24 hours as we travel from one time zone to another traveling west. So in effect we get the day back. It is like going from El Paso to L.A. twenty four times.

I set the clock backward an hour before going to bed. Instructions were to do it at 2 AM but I'm no dummy!

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