Day 4: (Jan 7 - Sea Day)

Today we were at sea all day. Headed for Costa Rica.

I took a Tai Chi class in the morning. Then met with the group of Vantage travelers. Our Vantage tour directors are a husband and wife team from London. The discussion today was about politics in the US and also the world. I tried to be quiet but was unsuccessful. Ah well. I haven't been at a loss for words in quite a few years and a few of my fellow travelers have some naive ideas. We also got into the illegal immigration and border security issue. Some of these easterners haven't a clue! I guess it is my role to help educate them (gently of course - for now).

Went to a briefing about upcoming Puerto Limon, Costa Rica and Fuerte Amador, Panama. We have no sea days between them so both cities were covered today.

The most important (to me) meeting of the day was with my fellow SCUBA divers. It was lucky for me that we had the dive yesterday. There were only 4 others divers beside me! Quite a lot of gray hair on this cruise. Not too many crazies like me. I refer all to the Jimmy Buffett song, "Growing Older But Not Up". Anyway, one of the other divers, Scott, is about to take his 5000th dive. This is the guy who I was following when we went too deep the other day. I asked him today and he admitted he knew where the other divers were but just wanted to enjoy the view of the 6000 foot drop-off. Hmmm. Now I know why the dive master was chewing him out quietly after we surfaced. I guess when you have that much experience you can pretty much do what you want and know what the consequences will be. He also in an instructor (including cave diving). If he doesn't get me killed I'm sure I'll learn a lot from him. (Don't panic nervous Nellies... I am comfortable enough to know what my limits are and to stop before things get dangerous.)

So, Scott has already got 5 more dives planned. One of our group didn't show up for the meeting but the other three did and we're all in for the dives. Most of them come pretty soon. Jan 21, 22, 23, 26 and 29. Boy will we be waterlogged by February! I can't wait!!! These dives are in Papeete, Tahiti; Moorea; Bora Bora; Samoa and Tonga.

That's about it. I worked out later in the day and went to a show. Then I got ready for the next day.

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