Day 34 Feb 7 (Sea Day)

Back to the routine of sea days today. Slept a bit late and after Lido breakfast I went to the digital photography lecture. Spent time with Anita in the Atrium showing her how to put her pics in computer and what kind of things were possible with editing. After lunch with Anita and her husband, Jack, I went to my cabin and spent some time on my pics. Sure wish I could get this internet system to work well enough to share. I may be able to send some pics from Sidney if I can find a good internet cafe. I'm putting pics on my memory stick. I actually tried moving my laptop to the computer lounge to see if the system would work better. No luck. In fact I tried twice to send a simple email reply and then plopped the laptop down in front of the computer supervisor to show him my problem and the darned thing worked when he was watching. Isn't that the way it goes? Stupid system!! I have to remind myself of how surprised I was to hear they would have internet availability onboard. I should be grateful I suppose.

Oh! How could I forget??? Today was the roughest sea day yet. I noticed something new hanging on the railing between the elevator doors. On closer inspection I realized that I was looking at something akin to the cute little bags you find in the seat back pockets on airliners. Barf bags! I learned that about half the crew was down with seasickness. Wheew! Sure glad I'm not affected (so far). Also, while we were in the dining room we discovered that they have no lips or ridges on the front edge of the sideboards where they stack up the dinner plates and set the individual meals. We discovered this after the loud crashes. Probably broke a few dozen dinner plates! Fortunately, no one was injured. The crew cleaned up and carried on quite well. I'll bet they find a way to avoid a repeat event.

The comedienne was fairly funny. She was able to work the pitching of the ship into her act quite successfully. Her name is Julie Barr.

Another hour gained tonight. Sea day tomorrow then Sydney for two days. Sea day after that will probably be my next communication but I will try to send some pics to my son, Harry and hopefully he'll be able to upload them to the gallery site I set up. We'll see. I don't have any formal excursions set up in Sydney so I should be able to explore the possibility. Righty Oh. Cheers for now....

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