Day 35 Feb 8 (Sea Day)

Not much today. Breakfast on Lido, Vantage discussion topic was : US Healthcare System.... Most seem to agree that we need to seriously move toward universal care. Some don't see need (Republicans I suppose...must be nice not to be aware of the suffering in our own country). Had an Aussie tell me in Sydney that Republicans felt they were patriots and Democrats were basically wimps. Hmmm. I guess I'm a hawkish wimp. Or is that an oxymoron?

The discussion will be "finished" on the next sea day.

Tried to do email today and had some trouble. Then when I went to sign off the "receipt" page, which tells you how many minutes you have used and have left, showed blanks for both categories. I didn't go ballistic. Wanted to but took a chill pill (figuratively speaking...don't have any chill pills....)

Went to see Felipe who said it happens sometimes. But there was no problem. You gotta love this system!

Ran about 3 miles today. Then weighed. It appears the cruise food is very good. Ouch!

We had a full dinner table tonight. The seldom seen Fred, a retired jurist from NJ, showed up for the second time in about a week. He is leaving us in Sydney. Gonna spend a week or two in Australia and then catch another cruise ship which will be heading north via Japan and then over to the states. Fred seems to pretty much live on cruise ships. Come to think of it he likes the food a lot too and it shows. I was thinking cruise ships might be a fun way to spend life but I think I would need two cabins (a double wide to be exact) if I spent too much time on them. Hmmm.

The show was pretty entertaining. Had the dancers/singers from the ship and the female comedian and the juggling comedian (he got bad reviews his first night - I missed that fortunately - but did much better this time).

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