Day 45 Feb 18 (Sea Day)

Lido breakfast

Tai Chi

Vantage lecture: Victorian Age. Chris covered such varied topics as the beginning of cross channel telegraph communication. Agrarian to mercantile economic transition for Great Brittain. Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War. and Charles Darwin. I never took a class in British History...I wonder if I could get C.E. credit for these lectures....

We had our last digital photo class. It was just a collection of questions which have been asked outside the lecture hall and the answers. Also we were introduced to ways to transfer pictures to fabric by Ana, Dave's wife.

Spent an hour working with Anita and her pics. She doesn't know how to download them into her new laptop yet. (Poor gal has a new camera and a new computer and barely knows how to use either. To her credit she is game to learn.) I get to swipe any of her pics that I like in exchange for downloading them into my computer and going through them with her to critique her shots and help her decide which to keep. The last dozen of so of her "pictures" turned out to be short movies. She had accidentally set her camera on the movie setting and didn't realize it. This explains why her flash didn't go off on some of her more recent pictures. She had been asking about that and a couple of other mysteries which all became clear when I downloaded her camera and pointed out to her the movie files. Next lesson will be how to download into her computer. It is a PC and has the Vista operating system so I am not sure I'll be able to help her but I will try. Perhaps we'll both learn something.

Dinner was formal. We all cleaned up pretty well.

The show was a combination of two artists we had seen and enjoyed more or less. It was pretty good. The comic/violinist was funnier and the singer was good. So good that I bought one of her CD's and had her autograph it. Yes, she is cute. I'm sure that didn't enter into my buying decision.

Spent time with Jack, Anita, Brian, Pat and Claire in the Ocean Bar listening to the Station Band. They are really fun to listen to. I got hit on by an 80+ lady who came over and sat next to me. (Finally, I thought I would never get any action!) She asked if the seat was taken and I said no. I was trying not to encourage her but finally she elbowed me and said, "none of you are dancing?" I smiled and said, "There are reasons," and turned back to my friends. She was disappointed but left soon after. Pheew! As they say, you have to be careful what you wish for right?

We were gifted again tonight. The gift was very welcome. It was a Leatherman S4 tool. This is very similar to the one which I either left behind or had disappear from a suitcase. Cool. I've had a couple of times when I wish I had had one. Now I do. Just have to remember not to carry it through airport security. Not sure about going ashore in ports. I guess I'll have to check on that.

We gained another hour tonight.

Cheers! Hope winter is being kind to y'all! (It was 80 and 80 yesterday...ºF and % humidity.)

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