Day 46 Feb 19 (Sea Day)

Not much exciting today. Did Tai Chi, went to the Vantage group. The discussion was about whether or not we should be supporting a free Kosovo. Apparently George W. didn't feel the need to consult us. At 11 AM we had a new speaker. Her name is Aileene Bridgewater. She had a radio talk show in Hong Kong for many years and is apparently hired to give us some local color as well as share some of her more interesting interviews and experiences with us. .

Ate with the Vantage table today (invitation of about 8 passengers every so often). Worked on my email to you guys (the previous one you received) and checked my bank account on-line. I'm not broke yet!! Yipee!

Ran about 4:30 PM.

Dinner followed by the show. Tonight was the Amsterdam singers and dancers doing a show called Caliente. They had great costumes and did a number of favorite songs including some from my Gloria Estefan cds.

Afterward I got things organized for my trip to Bali tomorrow.

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