Day 48 Feb 21 (Sea Day)

Slept until after 9:30 AM. Gotta go to bed earlier! Had to skip Tai Chi. At the Vantage group we discussed Cuba and the developing situation there. Isn't the world getting interesting in spots? Kosovo, Cuba, what's next?

I was reflecting that we had sailed about 16,000 miles and feeling pretty sassy until I heard the Space Shuttle had just landed after travelling more than 5 million miles. So much for my inflated ego.

Mike Millwood gave his first lecture on the history of Borneo (our next port is Brunei which is a sultanate on the northside of Borneo). Perhaps you have heard of the headhunters of Borneo. Well I know more than I ever did before about them now. Oh, we are assured that the headhunting is a thing of the past and besides, we will not be in that part of Borneo. The sultanate is recently rich - oil of course. The natives who hunted heads lived farther south and were "civilized in the 19th century by, who else, the Brits. (They did have a small relapse during WWII during the Japanese occupation we learned today - Feb 23).

In the afternoon there was an amateur show put on by some of my fellow passengers. A few were actually fairly good. Most were, well, amatuerish. Watching them confirmed my good judgement not to even think of entering. In the evening we had a concert by the ship band. They have been backing up all the other music acts for the entire trip so it was nice to let them shine on their own. As we suspected they are all very talented musicians. Good show!

Gift tonight was a medallion commemorating 100 days cruising with HAL. Of course, I've only got about 50 but by the end of the cruise it will be over 100 and they are having the Captain's Dinner and a reception beforehand to honor all the frequent flier (make that sailor) customers. Some have over 1000 days sailing. They make a big deal over it and supply free drinks so what's not to like. Pretty smart way of encouraging more cruising.

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