Day 49 Feb 22 (Dea Day)

I actually got up at 7:15 AM to run. I was feeling guilty about being lazy and it helped motivate me. Unfortunately I reached the running deck about the same time they were swabbing the higher deck and as I ran each lap I had to dodge water/etc. which was falling from the higher deck. That will teach me to get up early to exercise! I skipped Tai Chi to watch the Texas Shootout between Hillary and Barrack. Then went to the second Bridgewater lecture about Hong Kong, etc. This lady has interviewed some pretty interesting people including the Dalai Lama.

Took a nap (no wonder after getting up early right?). Went to the Mariner Reception (Mariner is what they call the frequent travelers). The dining room was really decorated for the Captain's dinner. We also got another gift. They had charger plates made to commemorate the 50th Anniversary Global Voyage (or whatever they call this thing). We get to keep them. We had all our dishes placed on top of them during dinner and then the wait staff picked them up and put them in a cardboard carrier for us to take home.

The show, delayed a half hour due to the earlier reception, was a singer from England named Jamie Fraiser. He sings Sinatra, Darren, Dean Martin, etc. He was fair.

After the show I ran into two of the people I played Country Music Trivia with the other night. They drafted me to play regular trivia with them tomorrow. There is a trivia game every sea day at 11:45 AM. They ask 20 questions and the winners get something equally exciting as the luggage straps we almost won the other night. I warned them that I was not sure how much I could contribute but they were insistent so I figured what-the-heck. It might be fun.

Another gift on the bed. Actually two. A tile coaster with Delft image including a certificate of authenticity from the company which dates back to 1610! We also got a picture of the Captain and his wife in a cardboard folder (the picture, not the captain and his wife).


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