Day 50 Feb 23 (Sea Day)

Pretty normal day. No Tai Chi was scheduled. I think there was a conflict with the room or something. The Vantage talk was with both Chris and his wife, Dee. They talked about their lives and family (apparently someone had asked for that and it was interesting).

The 11 AM lecture was the second half of history of Borneo (where Brunei is located). Amazing how these Pacific Islands were fought over by the European powers back in the day. Locals didn't stand much chance against the military might of England, France, Spain, Portugal and even the Dutch. Of course, there was trouble during the world wars as well.

At 11:45 I played my first Trivia game with Ron, Shiela, Harry (I'm Harry II) and Miska. Two Harrys in one team! Imagine that! We missed winning by a few questions but it was fun.

Worked on my previous email to y'all. The evening show was a banjo player. He was pretty good. After listening to a little piano with Anita and Jack I repaired to my room to prepare for Brunei. (Hmmm, repaired to prepare... I like it. LOL)

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