Day 104 April 17 (sea day - #1 of 5 to get across the pond)

Slept 10 hours last night. I was so tired I went to bed by 11 and then got up to set the clocks back at 2 (Sorry, I know I've used that one before). Actually, I set the clocks back before going to bed so I went to sleep around 10 PM today's time. Woke up once around 6. Back to sleep until my alarm (thank goodness I set it) went off at 8 AM.

Breakfast on Lido, Tai Chi, Vantage: Dee, Chris' wife lectured on the Canary Islands. She lived and worked there for some time. I am learning so much on this trip.

For some reason today is Pirate day so we had Pirate Trivia today. We lost by a bunch. Arrrrrrgh!

After lunch there was a Pirate Scavenger Hunt. This involved moving around the ship hunting for 7 "pirates". These were our Cruise Staff dressed in pirate outfits who were in public areas. On finding them they would ask us a pirate question and if we got the right answer we got a piece of paper with a symbol on it which proved we had found them. Sort of like visiting the Oracle at Delphi and solving its riddle. Fortunately the questions were multiple choice. Did you know that September 19th is "Speak Like a Pirate Day"? The question here was, "In what month does Speak Like a Pirate Day fall?" This stumped us. I offered April since we were doing this pirate stuff. No luck. Then I got creative and answered, "Maaaaaarrrrgch" which was highly appreciated by the pirate but still wrong. At this point I remembered thinking earlier that if we didn't know an answer we could just guess them all so I did the Jan, Feb, Mar... thing until I hit September and the pirate said, "Right!" Duh! Well, we finished 2nd. Not winners but what the heck. It was fun figuring out strategy on the fly and running all over the ship looking for the pirates. At this point in the cruise we are probably a bit easy to amuse but it is almost over. The real world looms ever nearer!

I spent the afternoon working on pictures and video and this blog.

I took the laptop to dinner and showed the pics and video of the "couch" ride. Everyone loved it. Oh, I also got an email from our departed tablemates, Bryan and Pat. Everyone was happy to hear from them. Bryan's sense of humor seems undiminshed by having to end his trip early. His jokes made everyone laugh. He is also friends with Julie and Dick who traveled with us in Funchal. I shared the video and email, etc with her too. I ran into her after dinner. I'm still annoyed at Apple that my video software doesn't work properly. If I haven't mentioned it the problem is that the program (iMovie) crashes after importing about 30 seconds of dictvideo. I wanted to get the tobagan video in to share it so I imported 30 seconds at a time until I had the 5 minutes or so in. It wasn't that difficult but I don't want to have to import the 40 hours or so from the entire trip that way. Hopefully the fixes will be waiting for me when I can update on broadband when I get home. If not Apple will not like what they hear from me. Are you listening Mac men?

Tonight's show was half Amsterdam Singers & Dancers and half a "Comic Ventriloquist". He wasn't. Well, he was not a bad comic but his mouth moved more than the dummy's some times. He needs practice.

That's it! You're caught up. Four sea days and then Bermuda. Then one more sea day and NYC. Good grief!! I need to start packing....

We gain another hour tonight. That will help. By tomorrow we'll be just three hours ahead of EDT.


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