Day 105 April 18 (sea day 2/5 on the way to Bermuda)

The usual stuff this morning. At 11 there was a new lecturer, Peter McGugan. His topic was Concious Creation. He lost me in the first five minutes when he "explained" the nature of scientific inquiry. He intentionally or through ignorance misrepresented what science does and proceeded to use this falacious version of science to justify his own personal philosophy/religion in which he maintains that everything in the universe is connected by a conciousnous. I'm not saying that is not true. I don't know. It may be. Or it may not. The point is that he was trying to use something I know a bit about after teaching it for 30 years to justify his conclusions. I sat through the entire lecture to see when he was going to solict contributions to his wonderful cause and to my surprise he didn't...yet. Then again, any smart snake oil salesman doesn't try to get your money right away. My attitude toward this guy, "sell your snake oil if you want but don't misrepresent it as being scientifically supported if it isn't."

We won at trivia today. Not much else happened of interest. These days are going to be organizational days and packing days to a large extent. I may lump some together unless something of interest happens.

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