Day 108 April 21 (sea day 5/5)

I was up before 8 after a good night's sleep. Tai Chi as usual. Then Vantage. Chris finished up WWII. He then discussed how the British Empire dissolved but pointed out that most of the lost colonies joined the British Commonwealth. He was pretty brutal to the historic Brits about the things they did in the name of Empire in the past but I think he needed to point out that perhaps it wasn't all bad. He also let us off the hook for dropping the bombs on Japan. He feels (as do I) that at the time it was the right decision.

I went to the 11 AM lecture to find that our friend Peter McGugan (snake oil anyone?) was still talking. He was the 10 AM lecturer and should have been done by now. I thought he was either a snake oil salesman or had a messiah complex about his topic. He must have a messiah complex because no self-respecting snake oil salesman would risk alienating so many people.

The next lecturer was standing inside the entrance I happened to choose and as more and more people showed up for his lecture we got a bit rowdy because Mr. Snake Oil was being totally inconsiderate. The convention (dare I say rule?) has always been that you end about a quarter to the hour. This guy finally got off the stage at 11:03! Even then he had to be spoken to by a stage hand. He had the gaul to make a few comments about how rude we were being. So, I guess he just figures he has a message everyone needs to hear whether we want it or not and that it is ok to make the next lecturer (and those who want to hear him) wait until about 11:15 to start his 11 o'clock lecture. What a jerk!

I'm sure I missed almost half the lecture about sea creatures and the food chain because I had to leave for trivia at 11:45. We finished 2nd by the way.

The afternoon was uneventful. A nap, Tai Chi, read some, and dinner.

The show was a singer named Iris Williams who has won the OBE ( that means "Order of the British Empire"). She had a great style and her voice was pretty good but a little weak on the higher notes. Overall very entertaining.

The pillow gift tonight was the wonderful and ever popular HAL 2008 Grand World Voyage Luggage Tags. I guess they are running out of money or good things to give us. I'm so spoiled. I think I have neglected to mention some of the more recent gifts but the last one was a heavy plaque to commemorate our voyage (or perhaps for us to put somewhere in our houses to remind us of it so we would sign up for more???). Many passengers gave them back or to the cabin stewards. It has become a bit of a joke. I kind of like mine but then, I'm a neophyte.

After the show I ran into Ron, Susan and Sheila and we had drinks while waiting for the Black and Gold Ball. This was the last formal night I think and certainly the final Ball. I figured I should go to look at the decorations at least. Susan and I went and sat and talked for about an hour and then I went to my cabin to prepare for tomorrow's snorkel adventure in Bermuda. Oh, we gain another hour tonight.

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