Day 107 April 20 (sea day 4/5)

The usual AM routine. Vantage is back to Chris. He is beginning WWII.

No lecture of interest today. Trivia: we got 16/23 20 won.

After lunch I met Anita and Jack in the computer center to help her with email. She is improving but had trouble the last time she tried to do it on her own so she asked me to hold her hand. I brought my laptop and worked on pictures, etc and was there to help a bit when she got stuck. She did pretty well but got stuck a few times.

At 3 I went for a run.

At 4:45 we had cocktails in Anita and Jack's room (me and my tablemates).

The show was a comedian who was just fair. Afterward I watched the second half of the movie, "No Country for Old Men". I thought it was weird because I missed the first half but everyone tells me it was just weird even if you saw the whole thing. I guess I'm not bright enough to understand how it won the Academy Award.

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