Day 92 April 5 (sea day)

Up at 7:30 AM due to early bedtime yesterday. Breakfast on Lido. Tai Chi at 9. Vantage discussion at 10. We talked about what we will do when the rest of the world needs petroleum so bad that we do actually run out. It is coming faster than many of us think. What is your favorite alternative fuel?

At 11 we had a lecture by Phillip Harding about Emporer Diocletian and the transition of the Roman Empire. Quite interesting part of Roman history.

Trivia was not a good thing for us today. We got 8/22 and the winners had 13.

Helped Daphne copy her photos to a zip drive this afternoon. Have I said that I'm not a fan of PCs? Macs rule! We succeeded but I had to work pretty hard to find the magic words to say to PC. I'm no guru on PCs but I appear to be the available resource for several shipmates.

At 2 we had another lecture (not too many sea days left so they are stuffing them in. This one was on the 7 Ancient Wonders, etc. by Paul Duff.

I took a nap after that and after dinner we had a show called Opera Interludes. Four singers presenting various selections from more popular operatic pieces. They also did some popular music. Three of the four singers had pretty good voices but the tenor was no prize. Past his prime as is the case with many cruise ship entertainers.

You might think the day was over but not so fast! At 10:30 PM we were treated to a crew show. This was our Indonesian crew members showing us many dances and songs from their culture. It was a very nice show and the emcee was hysterical. He did a joke or two between each act and had us rolling in the aisles.

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