Day 93 April 6 (Venice, Italy - day 1)

Sailed into Venice Lagoon between 9 and 10:15 AM. I videotaped most of it and took a few pictures perched on the railing on deck 10. It is getting crowded up there. May have to rethink my vantage point if that keeps up.

Took a short nap afterward. Didn't get a full night's sleep because of the late show yesterday.

Had lunch onboard and then caught the shuttle boat (not ours again but this time we were anchored but the main part of the action in Venice is a couple miles from the dock and in Venice you can't have shuttle buses because there are no roads! Canals are the roads so everything that we usually think of using a truck, car or bus for is done in boats.) So shuttle boat to Piazza San Marcos (St. Mark's Square). I have been here three times before so I didn't take a tour. Today I just wandered around a bit (about 3 hours) and then returned by shuttle boat to the Amsterdam. I did manage to find my bar. Harry's Bar is quite near the Square. I have a few photos but to be honest I never went inside. It was very busy and I figured pictures of the door and outside signage would suffice.

After dinner onboard I returned to the cabin and worked on my picture files. I have well over 2000 pictures so far. If I don't keep up with organizing them I may never get it done.

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