Day 106 April 19 (sea day 3/5)

I was awakened this morning about 6 AM (GROAN!). There was this sound which I misidentified as a back-up warning for a motorized wheel chair. It took a few minutes to stop and I went back to sleep. About an hour and a half later I heard it again. It went on longer than I thought it should and by now I was awake so I got up to see who the inconsiderate person was who was allowing it to continue. Well, silly me. It was not what I thought at all. It was coming from a dryer next door. I identified the culprit (machine #2) and called the front desk to lodge my complaint. The noise hasn't been heard since. I love this ship. They take such good care of us. I knew Jinque wouldn't let me down.

The rest of the morning was normal. Our Vantage lectures the last two days were by Dee, Chris' wife, about her family's history (and coincidentally London's history). I have learned a bit of Cockney in the process. Ask me what "Pearl" means when you see me. I'll give you a hint. It is a comment about the weather. It isn't exactly politically correct so I'll not print it here. Don't want to offend anyone. You know me, always trying to be inoffensive.

We had a lecture on Ocean Currents and their effect on weather. This included the possible global warming consequences as well. Interesting. These ideas were supported by scientific research. Anyone want to hear my snake oil tirade again?

Trivia was a blowout today. We lost by a lot.

I spent some time in the afternoon helping (or trying to) Daphne with her computer and pictures. We had trouble and I took the CD to my room to try it out on my computer and CD/DVD player. It didn't have any pics on it despite our attempts to put some there. Either the disk is defective or it was already used for something else. My computer didn't recognize it as having anything useful on it and offered me the opportunity to format it. The CD/DVD player detected two tracks on it of about 12 minutes in duration but when playing it there was not any intelligible sound. Just some crackling. Daphne thinks somehow the disks (she has had two disks which didn't work) might be incompatible with her system but the only thing I found on the written documentation mentioned 1x recording speed being incompatible. Daphne has a new laptop and Vista so I'm sure it isn't a 1x system. I guess we'll explore this more in the future. If anyone has any ideas let me know. Otherwise I'm at a loss to explain the problem.

I spent most of the afternoon in my room laying out stuff to try to get a handle on my packing scheme. I will need to know how many bags (my trunk too) I'll be shipping home and what I'll be packing in what. I am going to San Antonio to visit new grandkid(s) before returning to El Paso, but my Miata is waiting in San Antonio for my ride home so I have to ship as much as possible. Just need to make sure I have enough with me in San Antonio to cover my time there before returning to E.P. Also need to sort out souvenirs which go there from those which I want in El Paso. Ah, the problems of the world traveler. You've heard this before but ... it's a tough life... you know the rest.

The show tonight was Moscow Magic. Fantastic. This is a Russian couple and they do a lot without commentary but it was some of the best magic I've ever seen. Are you listening David Copperfield? If you get a chance to see them do it. They were really good. No really big illusions but a lot of small to medium tricks. Very well done and a pretty fast paced 45 minutes! They do speak English but obviously do their act to many different audiences and have evolved the mostly silent routines.

There was Evening Express Trivia in the Crow's Nest at 9:45 and we came in second. I was planning on an early bedtime but as I was leaving the show Laurie (one of our cruise directors) asked me if I was going to trivia. I showed up a few minutes before 9:45 and as I walked into the room was met with a loud, "HARRY!" Ron and Sheila (two of my lunch trivia team) were there with three other people. I spread my arms and said, "My peeps! You saved room for me." By the way, I had to explain the "My peeps" comment to a few of the older folk here. I'm doing my part to keep the cruise set up to date on slang I guess. It's a tough job but....

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